For my 80 page Typology Book & Specimen duo I wanted to conceptually develop anĀ elegant, classic book on Typography over the ages. The artefact incorporates quotes from famous typographers. Typography is a sleek art of perfectionism and I wanted to show this the use of strong grid I used and structure to my book. A black buckram hardcover gives a timeless look which allows the book to not age, I aim to look back on this book in 10 years time and expect to still be proud of my work. I worked with Black, White and Red as they have connotations of being traditional and elegant. I also chose to go to a local binder rather than a big company as I know he worked with traditional methods and has his own small bindery. The Typology Book explores Typography Classifications and shows each typeface family through the alphabet and it's characteristics. The Type Specimen is about the typeface Filosofia, Zuzana Licko's modern re-interpretation of Bodoni. It is a modern Didone and when binding I chose to insert the specimen as a tip-in within the Didone section of the Typology Book.
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