The Update' is a personalised news hub that allows the user the opportunity to access news in their preferred way. A great way to cater to user needs is through the use of features that are personalised and customisable. An experience or service that suggests things for them as a user and knows what they want based on previous choices creates a feeling of connectedness and reliability within the user. One of the main ways I thought I could incorporate personalisation into my news website was through the main navigation bar. When I first looked at the user personae I realised that there were many ways in which people wanted to access news in a way that would be easiest and most beneficial for them. Often news websites have sections where you can find videos and voice recordings but not as a primary source or not often are they accessible through a navigation bar. Functions and tags were added throughout the website to emphasise the personalisation of this news forum.
Haiyan's Journey:
Haiyan is a casual browser of the web, she likes to find news about what's going on in her city.
Aim: Browse, use filter to find article about Wellington Zoo and then watch an entertainment video about Rosetta Rawling celebrating her 100th birthday.
Hemi's Journey:
Hemi uses his smartphone to listen to music and podcasts while exercising.
Aim: Create a queue of 3 sports podcasts, look at queue and play "Four year old boy shines in
Te Teko Rugby team's haka" video
Mike's Journey:
Mike is a news junkie, he is constantly refreshing the page looking for changes.
Aim: Log in, turn on notifications, subscribe to a one year subscription.
Sarah's Journey:
Sarah would like to help contribute to the news her city sees, she enjoys using social media.
Aim: Log in via twitter, write an article, look at your own story archive.
Andrea's Journey:
Andrea likes to know what's happening in her hometown Tauranga and is a NZ sports fan.
Aim: Browse, find article about Tauranga public transport, check out new sports headline and
watch sports video on country kids having a coaching session with former All Black.
Barry's Journey:
Barry is constantly concerned about his country and covered politics as a journalist for 42 years.
Aim: Log in via email, find local contributor stories and read Sarah Blake's article on "Why climate change is important to Year 11 Wellington student and activist", comment on the article.
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