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Touchpoint 1: Notify. Card
The Notify Card is the first connection point users have with the Notify system, here we have a father and daughter arrive into urgent care, they are greeted by the receptionist, given a medical form and a Notify Card. This card is only used during the waiting room experience, patients return the card before leaving. A QR code provides a recognisable connection point for all, a common icon used following the COVID-19 response and is a tool most of us know how to use. Patients are to look for their personal ID number on the back of the card, this connects the patient to the the Notify Display Screen.
Touchpoint 2: Notify Display Screen
The Notify display screen provides moving graphics to educate patients on the triage system. Triage has proved to be a good addition to any healthcare service, surveys show that patients feel as though they have been recognised and entered into the system. The personal ID number on the Notify Card is displayed on the screen in a queue that allows patients to see how their situation compares to others in the room. By having these rollover slides before the wait queue, patients can see what the triage number means before seeing what triage category they have been assigned.
Touchpoint 3: Notify Progressive Web App
The Notify. Progressive Web App is for personal devices and iPad kiosks. By scanning the QR code on the Notify Card or holding it in the near field of the card, the user can connect to the web app. The mobile platform allows patients to have personal information at their fingertips, it is convenient, easy to navigate and provides reassurance through information. The iPad kiosk is for those without technology, often getting to the urgent care clinic is a nightmare and people may not be able to rely on their own devices. The iPad kiosk provides another way for patients to connect whilst still keeping information private. These iPad kiosks are secured to stands in the room but can be unlocked to become portable. The Notify. Progressive web app provides a range of features including frequently asked questions, updates and a messaging hub. The update feature enables patients to access information about the state of the clinic -  including their estimated wait time, triage number, what staff are working, how many beds are currently available and when the waiting room was last cleaned. Each of these features have been chosen and informed by my primary research of talking to people and the users needs.
Progressive Web App in Mobile form:
Progressive Web App in iPad Kiosk form:
For more information check out my Project Report.
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