Models: Hannah Mainwaring (Left), Abby Brown, Miranda Cassidy (Right).
'Identity through a Lens' explores concepts used in past works to create something new. the use of text from my typography module and combined it with strong portraiture to convey the idea of identity. This work critically looks at identity through the concept of Mihimihi, telling the story of oneself and typography, how words are powerful and influence who we are. 
The photographic output delves into identity as a celebration of diversity, emotion and how identity is portrayed through individuals. Through the use of projections it enables strong dynamic captured within the camera rather than modifying the subject or photograph digitally. Each model explored what their identity looked like to them and came up with a range of words that reflected aspects of what identity meant to them. The type acted as a reflection to each model's thoughts and projected onto their bodies to represent the stronghold and power thoughts and words have over someones identity. Words included hurt, religion, emotions, fear, personality, irritation, appearance, feelings, jealousy etc. Each model was given the freedom to pose to represent the words projected on them or according to how they felt in a past experience.
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